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How To Choose An Irrigation Contractor

Are you ready for spring and summer? Now that the weather is warming up, nothing is better than having a beautiful lawn to enjoy during the spring and summer.

Here are 7 tips to ensure you have a the best lush lawn in the neighborhood this season.

1. Cleanup

Time to take a stroll around your yard and see which plants got hit hard this winter. Look carefully for any plants that didn’t survive. Prune damaged or dead branches from trees and shrubberies, and remove twigs or leaves from the grass.

2. Dethatching

Dead grass and lawn clippings gather and get tangled down into grass, which helps to promote fungus growth and pest infestation and also prevents the germination of new seeds. Dethatch the lawn by giving it a decent once-over, utilizing either a lawn rake with stiff tines or a good dethatching rake.

3. Weed Treatment

Weed control is one of the most important things to focus on in the springtime. If you don’t act against weeds now before they develop, you’ll spend the summer combating them, and it’s not a battle you’re likely to win. Keep weeds from sprouting by applying a pre-emergent herbicide. For a chemical free option, try cornmeal.

4. Aeration

In high-traffic areas of your yard, the soil underneath becomes compacted and unfriendly to grass roots. Manual or mechanical aeration helps to repair the damage done. Aeration involves drawing wine cork-sized plugs out of the lawn, giving roots room to spread and allowing air, nutrients, and moisture to penetrate the soil.

5. Testing

For your grass to flourish, it requires the correct soil pH. You don’t want your soil to be to acidic or alkaline. There are different ways you can increase or lower your soil’s pH, but first you need to know what it is. To find your soil’s pH, you can buy a soil test kit for around $10 from your neighborhood plant store.

6. Seeding

On any bare patches of ground, apply some grass seed. However, keep in mind that this new grass will require some TLC including watering and weeding during the spring and summer months.

7. Equipment Maintenance

Springtime is the perfect time to check in on the lawn equipment. Either take it in for service or perform a tune-up yourself. To start the season off right: change the oil, put in new start plugs, replace the air filter, and sharpen the mowing blades (if necessary).

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Use these seven tips to get a head start this spring and create a lush beautiful lawn you can enjoy all summer long!