"I had been dragging sprinklers and hoses around my yard for years, and as I grew weary of the routine, my yard began to suffer.  I put off getting irrigation because I was concerned about the expense.  After talking to Chris, at Heads-Up, I was surprised at how affordable it was.  Since installing the sprinkler system, my yard has come back strong.  It hasn't looked this good in years.  The installation was quick and painless and well worth the investment.  I would strongly recommend Heads-Up for anyone who wants a plush, green yard without all the hassle of hoses and sprinklers."

K. Donald- Irmo, SC
"Dear Chris, Thank you so much for the excellent job with our irrigation system! You gave us great service, and I am SO happy that I no longer have to drag sprinklers all over the yard! I am also glad we got it in the winter, and were able to water all spring! The grass looks fantastic, and we have the nicest yard on the block! Thanks again."

Tracey Smith- Irmo, SC
"I've been working hard to get my lawn in perfect shape.  When I finally decided to get a sprinkler system, I was worried about the damage to what I had already accomplished with my lawn.  After getting estimates from three different contractors, Chris took the time to explain "trench less irrigation." He showed me the design best suited for my yard AND had the most reasonable price.  The work done to my yard was almost invisible in about a week and the system is great.  I would recommend Chris and his company to anyone and everyone."

Scott P.- Irmo, SC
"I was a little worried about hiring a contractor to install my irrigation system, being that I installed my previous two system. I really wanted to install this one to but when I saw the trench less irrigation being done on my neighbors yard I could not bare to go any other route. The guys from Heads-Up came out and did my twenty-two head system in about four hours. The system is fantastic and have had no problems in the year I've had it. I would recommend these guys to anyone."

Joe Derrick- Chapin, SC
"We called Chris Davies at Heads-Up for a free estimate on an irrigation system for our one acre yard. He responded the same day and came to our home and did the survey/estimate the next day. The price was very reasonable and the work was done in a very professional manner, he also arranged for the installation of a new well at a reasonable cost to us to supply the system and as we are on City Water the savings in the water bill will pay for the entire job in a couple of seasons. Once they were finished the trench less installation was barely noticeable. They are very polite and we highly recommend them for all your irrigation needs. Thanks to Chris, watering our lawn went from "irritation" to "irrigation"."

Wayne Bramell- Lexington, SC
"I completed the request for more information on the Heads-Up Irrigation website late one night over the weekend and didn't expect to hear back from them until Monday. Chris called me back the next morning and set up an appointment to give me an estimate on Monday, and he worked around my schedule to meet me after work. I had looked at having installed before but the price was out of my price range. I was shocked at how affordable his estimate was and that my yard would not be destroyed during the installation process. We set an appointment to have the system installed the next week. Chris told me that they would be out to start work at 6:45 AM. Chris and his crew were there early and had already begun working on the installation before I realized they were outside. I left for work and when I got home, I had a working in-ground irrigation system and the lawn was still intact. Chris came back out that evening after both my wife and I were home from work to show us how to operate the system. And the best part of it all - those hoses and sprinklers that I had been dragging around the yard - I didn't even have to move them out of yard. His crew had already taken care of that before I walked out the door! I give Heads-Up Irrigation, two thumbs up and would recommend them to anyone."

Jeromy Runion - Lexington, SC