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How In-Ground Sprinkler Systems Save You Money

How In-Ground Sprinkler Systems Save You Money

Watering your plants and your lawn can become one those daunting tasks, especially during the hottest months of the year. Of course, there are always people who prefer watering their lawns and plants personally, because they find it relaxing.

But did you know that over watering will kill your plants? Or that water bills can go up to 3 times as much when you manually water your lawn?

Motivated by saving the environment and preserving as much water as possible, professionals have developed in-ground sprinkler systems. They have bought plant watering to a scientific level and the results are astonishing. It does not only benefit the plants, but it also saves money.

Let’s take a look at how in-ground sprinkler systems save you money.

Water Conservation Decreases Water Bills

Maintaining an average lawn requires every day care and copious amounts of water.

7 Lawn Care Tips For The Spring

How To Choose An Irrigation Contractor

Are you ready for spring and summer? Now that the weather is warming up, nothing is better than having a beautiful lawn to enjoy during the spring and summer.

Here are 7 tips to ensure you have a the best lush lawn in the neighborhood this season.

1. Cleanup

Time to take a stroll around your yard and see which plants got hit hard this winter. Look carefully for any plants that didn’t survive. Prune damaged or dead branches from trees and shrubberies, and remove twigs or leaves from the grass.

2. Dethatching

Dead grass and lawn clippings gather and get tangled down into grass, which helps to promote fungus growth and pest infestation and also prevents the germination of new seeds. Dethatch the lawn by giving it a decent once-over, utilizing either a lawn rake with stiff tines or a good dethatching rake.

When Should I Start Up My Sprinkler System?

When to start your sprinkler system

As springtime approaches, you may be wondering… Is it time to startup the sprinkler system?

After the winter you may be eager to get out there and start making the lawn look great. However, the reality is that you need to be careful when starting up your irrigation system for the first time, after the winter, or you may cause some expensive damage.

Sometimes there are also certain situations when you may want to have a professional do a springtime check and help you make sure everything is running right.

When To Start Up Your Underground Sprinkler System

Before starting up your irrigation system for the first time, ask yourself are the hard ground freezes done for the winter? A ground freeze is a potential anytime the temperatures drop to around 32 degrees.

While it is always tricky to guess the weather, in the Columbia SC area April is a great month to feel good about starting up your sprinkler system.

If you are mechanically inclined and familiar with the various parts of a sprinkler system then you can try starting it up for yourself, otherwise you may want to have a professional come out and help.

Normally in the spring, irrigation companies are very busy. So should you attempt to start the system yourself and run into any issues, you may have to wait awhile or pay a lot more to get some help.

How To Choose An Irrigation Contractor

How To Choose An Irrigation ContractorThe process of choosing an irrigation contractor is an important step to a great looking and healthy lawn. The best irrigation contractor will properly install a reliable irrigation system that will water your lawn properly and utilize your water economically.

Here are several factors to consider to help you find the right contractor.

Invest Wisely

A professional irrigation systems will make your life easier and beautify your landscape. The irrigation system will make it possible for you to have flourishing plants all year round.

You should have the system designed and installed by a professional to achieve the best out of your investment. The designer should take all the needs of your landscape into consideration when designing the system.