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5 Reasons to Install a Smart Irrigation WiFi Controller

Do you wish to conserve cash as well as decrease your effect on the environment?

Adding a smart irrigation wifi controller to your irrigations system can dramatically improve the efficiency of your sprinkler system.

Below are a few reasons to add a wifi controller to your irrigation system.

Programmable Schedule

You can set your watering schedule right from your smart phone. You set your desired schedule based upon a hot day. The the smart app does its thing and adjusts the schedule based on local weather condition information to decrease or increase the watering time required. This will not only keep your lawn looking great but will also help to save you money and wasted water.


You start setting your watering schedule by answering a few questions. Then the smart app will automatically adjust and perfect the schedule from there. It will consider a number of factors such as: local water regulations, weather, climate, and plant and soil types.

The smart app will decide how much water is needed and when. This can help you save as much as 50% on your watering

Prevent Overwatering

There are a variety of ways the smart irrigation system protects against overwatering. One way is that it considers the temperature level as well as the rain levels and adjusts watering time accordingly. The smart irrigation system also protects against overwatering by adding a delay between watering zones. It makes use of “soak cycles” to maximize the efficiency of watering.


The great element is, you can regulate several irrigation systems from practically anywhere by simply opening up an app on your smartphone.

You can adjust your yard sprinkling schedule, or watering areas, or manually start/stop your sprinklers.


Smart irrigation systems will integrate with many popular smart systems like Nest, Alexa, Wink, or other smart systems.

One of the most environmentally-friendly, economical choices you can make for your yard is to update to a smart irrigation system yard control system.

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